Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SB460 pulled from calendar once again

SB460 was once again pulled from the House Finance Calendar and will NOT be heard at the July 1st scheduled meeting. We understand the Senator McKissick refused to let his spay neuter bill be either stripped or amended for the sake of SB460.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HSUS and SB460 Supporter Trickery!!!

HSUS and their friends on the House Finance Committee are attempting to insert SB460 language into the existing bill, SB1332 Spay Neuter Program Transfer. Knowing there are not enough votes to pass SB460, Chairman Leubke's plan is to sneak it thru another bill hoping to keep opponents unaware. SB1332 Spay Neuter Program Transfer is on the House Finance Committee Calendar for tomorrow morning.

Call and email House Finance Committee members NOW. Politely request they vote NO to the Commercial Dog Breeder language no matter what bill number is!

Finance Committee Member List

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SB460 Pulled from June 24th Calendar

Knowing he did not have enough support for SB460 to pass it out of committee, Senior Chairman, Rep. Paul Luebke (D, Durham,) pulled SB460 from the House Finance calendar. Bill sponsors - Senators Don Davis (D, Greene, Pitt, Wayne) and Margaret Highsmith Dickson (D, Bladen, Cumberland) - tried to regroup at a press conference Tuesday, June 22. Senator Davis was unable to answer reporters' basic questions about the bill despite prompting by HSUS lobbyist, Amanda Arrington.

Neither Senator was aware that Bladen County Commissioners had just voted to oppose SB460.

Also this week, North Carolina Animal Rabies Control Association (NCARCA) Board voted to oppose stating, "due to SB460 being an unfunded mandate, and major problems with both the definitions and the exclusions, they do not support the bill as presented."

Friday, June 18, 2010


Many thanks to all those who requested to be added to the SB460 Opposition List.

We now need your help with the final push to defeat SB460. Please contact ALL
members of the House Finance Committee before next Thursday and ask them to vote against SB460. Every committee member needs to hear from you. SB460 is NOT needed in our state and will only provide a foot in the door for HSUS and their activist friends to regulate kennels out of existence. HSUS has a long history of opposing purposeful dog breeding and has made it clear that SB460 is just a first step in their plan.


* Bill supporters claim that small hobby breeders will not be affected. This is NOT true. Supporters claim the only reason to have 15 females is for mass producing puppies, i.e. continually breeding each female. Also NOT true. The bill supporters are activists, not dog breeders and have no firsthand knowledge of building or maintaining a breeding program.

* SB460 is unacceptable in ANY amended form. The bill is not based on any true or overwhelming need, but rather a skewed perception that abuse is rampant and dog breeders are not capable of managing a kennel or maintaining multiple dogs in good health without state intervention.

* Bill supporters claim that North Carolina is becoming known as a puppy mill state. This propaganda is not based in reality and exists only in the minds of HSUS leaders and their followers. The same sound bites are distributed by HSUS in every state with a pending breeder bill.

* SB460 is an unfunded mandate to local authorities at a time when budgets are being cut reducing funds for public schools, libraries, veterans, and health and human services programs.

* SB460 should not be given any consideration by legislators at this time of financial crisis in our state. According to Governor Perdue, the likely loss of about $500 million in federal stimulus funds could bring North Carolina's budget
shortfall to $1.2 billion dollars and cause thousands of jobs to be eliminated.

It is fiscally irresponsible for the House Finance Committee to even consider a vote on an unnecessary bill that would not only penalize responsible dog owners but place further financial burden on cash-strapped county governments.

Call and email ALL members of the House Finance Committee. Go to the SAOVA
website where you can email all 30 members with just one click.

A list of phone numbers for Committee members can also be downloaded.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The Opposition List continues to grow as dog breeders, hunters, and exhibitors rally against SB 460 Commercial Dog Breeding.

SB 460 is not a bill that needs to be passed in North Carolina. Substandard kennels have been closed down in years past because current laws DO work. In some cases where dogs are not removed from substandard situations, it is not because of lack of authority under the law, but lack of animal control funds to house and care for them once seized. If enforcement of current law is problematic due to funding issues, passing new and unfunded legislation is definitely NOT the answer.

Steve Wallis, President North Carolina Federation of Dog Clubs, noted, “County sheriffs and district attorneys should not have to make a determination of what the county can afford before deciding whether to enforce a law.”

Keith Loudermilt, President North Carolina Sporting Dog Association, commented, “SB460 is primarily being promoted by activists from outside of NC. Various versions of this bill have been introduced by HSUS-supported activists in 33 states regardless of existing regulations.” Loudermilt continued, “We do not expect the few exemptions in this bill to stand long term as the factions who are promoting it have made it clear this is just a starting point for their agenda.”

With absolutely no input from dog breeders, divided support from animal control personnel, and unsubstantiated data on the need for state-wide dog breeder regulation, the NC Association of County Commissioners steadfastly supports SB 460, unconcerned with the damaging consequences passage would bring to responsible dog breeders throughout our state. According to the NCACC website, “Overall county revenues in 2009-10 are expected to come in about half a billion dollars less than in 2008-09, according to a recent survey of county budgets conducted by the NCACC. To manage the shortfall, counties have taken a variety of steps, including cutting services, reducing staff, instituting mandatory furloughs for employees and appropriating fund balance.” Yet NCACC lobbyists blindly press on to pass a bill that will hand an unfunded mandate to cash strapped county governments.

Susan Wolf
Sportsmen's & Animal Owners' Voting Alliance
Issue lobbying and working to identify and elect supportive legislators