Monday, July 6, 2009

SB460 scheduled for Senate floor vote July 8

SB460 moves to the Senate Floor for full vote on July 8, 2009. Call your Senators now and urge that they vote NO to this bill.

Promoted as a puppy mill bill with the usual emotional language, SB460 focuses on labeling dog breeders, i.e., commercial breeder=puppy mill to justify this over-the-top legislation. The term puppy mill is used by animal rights activists in the same manner as a racial slur to cast a negative picture on the whole industry of breeding dogs; the goal is to eventually make all the words interchangeable, commercial=puppy mill=dog breeder.

The cost to dog owners/breeders for construction of commercial grade facilities to meet state requirements will be enormous. It is irresponsible for legislators to force this expense on citizens who are already financially stressed in the current recession.

There are laws on the books right now that adequately address responsible animal husbandry management techniques without stressing the coffers to pay for unenforceable and unneeded regulation.

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