Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Breeder Bill SB 460 passes 2nd reading

Version 3 of NC SB460 was pushed to the floor today by Rules Committee Chairman, Sen. Tony Rand (D-Bladen, Cumberland), for second reading. SB460 Revision 3 passed by a narrow vote of 24 - 22 and 3rd reading is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. The state's economic distress and pending tax increases apparently were not enough to dissuade those who voted in favor of regulating dog breeders based on an HSUS exploited dog kennel crisis.

A fourth version was posted to the bill's website after today's vote. This latest version calls for commercial kennels to use current animal shelter facility standards; provides for a publicly posted internet registry of licensed facilities; authorizes county animal control as enforcers; protocols for daily exercise and veterinary care are yet to be written.

Today's vote:

IN FAVOR OF SB#460 (24 votes)

Basnight, Blue, Boseman, Clodfelter, Dannelly, Davis, Dorsett, Foriest, Garrou, Graham, Hoyle, Hunt, Jenkins, Jones, Kinnaird, McKissick, Nesbitt, Purcell, Rand, Shaw, Soles, Stein, Vaughan, Weinstein

AGAINST SB#460 (22 votes)

Albertson, Apodaca, Doug Berger, Phil Berger, Blake, Brock, Brown, Brunstetter, Clary, East, Forrester, Goodall, Goss, Hartsell, Jacumin, Preston, Queen, Rouzer, Rucho, Show, Swindell, and Tillman.

ABSENT: Allran, Atwater, Bingham, Stevens

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